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TAG, The Advisory Group, Inc.

TAG, was created in 1978 with an exclusive and select number of Diebold customers. TAG's original purpose was to serve as a beta test group for the company's first automated teller machines (ATMs). TAG has since developed into a thriving and energetic independent user group encompassing financial institutions and ATM deployers of all sizes.

TAG has consistently adapted to fit the expanded knowledge and changing needs of the TAG membership and looks forward to helping build new, profitable relationships among its members. Click here for the TAG Brochure

Mission Statement

To provide a network of communication between membership and Diebold Nixdorf for the purpose of sharing information on industry trends relevant to Diebold Nixdorf products, services and systems.

TAG membership means possibilities - and solutions

TAG is a critical link between members and Diebold Nixdorf.  This relationship has proved to be beneficial time and time again. Through TAG, members enjoy direct access to Diebold Nixdorf executives and that translates into rapid creative development and problem solving. In fact, the incredibly popular and successful TCS+ and Agilis software design are examples of what can come from Diebold Nixdorf listening to and implementing the input of TAG members.

TAG membership means savings

TAG members directly profit from their membership through valuable discounts on training and supplies as well as discounted registration to the annual TAG National Conference. The discounts alone can more than pay for an institution's TAG membership.

Interested in joining this unique users group?

Membership† is open to any financial institution, educational institution or business which owns and operates Diebold Nixdorf self-service banking systems. You will find four (4) easy ways to become part of this "Informative User Group". Just fill out the application and forward it to the address provided, or apply on-line. Should you need any additional information or have questions concerning TAG, please feel free to contact any of the Regional Directors listed. Remember, Membership has its benefits!

† All potential candidates must meet the following criteria as outlined in The Advisory Group Code of Regulations:

  1. Must be a financial or qualified non-financial institution which has installed, has on order, or provides direct management of any Diebold Nixdorf self-service banking systems.
  2. Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated has the right to contest any applicant to The Advisory Group (TAG).

All applications for membership require approval by the Board of Directors and will be placed on the agenda of the next Board of Directors meeting. Board of Directors vote is final.

About TAG

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TAG membership is open to any financial institution, educational institution or business which owns and operates Diebold self-service banking systems. For more information, call the TAG Membership Hotline at 1-330-305-9666.

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